Sometimes it’s fun to imagine a parallel universe out there where in 2010 the Liberal Democrats soared into government with a solid majority, didn’t have to bloody themselves with damaging compromise in coalition, and literally none of the absolute bullshit of the last 9 years ever happened.

No David Cameron, no Lib Dems getting sent into electoral exile, no EU referendum, no Brexit, actual electoral reform to eliminate FPTP, no Theresa May, no Tory leadership challenge, no Boris Johnson as PM-in-waiting.

… sorry did I say it was fun to think that?









the stuff I learned today about my brain and addiction was really interesting

if you were to scan an addict and a nonaddict’s brains, they would be lit up differently. the frontal cortex of our brain controls who we are, our morals, our decision making and reasoning skills, etc.

our mid brain handles life or death survival processing. there is no consciousness at this level. it’s only ability is to try to avoid death and keep us alive

in an addict, the drug of choice triggers the mid brain while damaging/shutting down the frontal cortex. it feels like we have no control over it because in a way we really don’t; the part of our brain that makes logical choices isn’t functioning. our mid brain that thinks we’re dying is functioning, and it sees that drug as the only means to survive

i also learned that we each have a certain dopamine (the chemical that makes you happy) threshold. we have a “bar” that must be reached chemically to make us able to experience joy and pleasure. if you’re over the bar, you’re happy. under it, you’re sad

addicts have set the bar so high that it frequently is the case that nothing can make them happy unless they are high first and foremost. they need a much, much larger amount of dopamine to feel joy because so many dopamine receptors have been damaged and shut down

you know what other group of people have extremely high dopamine thresholds? children in abusive or otherwise high stress environments

addicts and abused children both require much higher amounts of dopamine to feel happy compared to “normal” people. this is a huge contributing factor as to why a lot of these kids turn to drugs: for the first time in our lives we have the amount of dopamine we need to feel genuinely happy, and we never want to go back to being sad

yes! the longer you go without using your drug of choice, the lower your dopamine threshold becomes until finally it is once again at normal levels. the broken dopamine receptors will heal themselves, and with therapy and medication the frontal cortex will gradually strengthen so the survival-focused midbrain has less control and actual decisions can once again be made

yes, please do. please help spread awareness about the disease of addiction and end the stigma against it



I was gonna say friendship goals but this is humanity goals

😭 so beautiful

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What it

It a poofin




yall are so fucked with your cancel culture shit. and i dont mean like the james charles and pewdiepie and projared drama or anything like that.

i mean when yall bring up shit from 5+ years ago that people never had repeat offenses on after they immediately apologized after being told they were in the wrong. 

you seem to forget people grow and change over time. you seem to forget switching your opinions and growing and doing better and becoming a better person is part of being human, part of being a person. like, not to be that guy but a year ago i was an aphobic transmed. am i now? hell no, because i grew up and realized i was in the wrong and changed. 

holy shit. people are humans. dont fucking idolize them and rip them apart when you dig up shit they said 5+ years ago that they have never done since. dont place people on pedestals and expect them to be flawless. nobody is. and this isnt even about violent racism, transphobia/homophobia, or predatory behavior either so dont try to twist my words.

Oh yes!


An orbit map of the solar system. Just so beautiful.

Trump Accuses Iran in Explosions That Crippled…

Trump Accuses Iran in Explosions That Crippled Oil Tankers:

Opinion polling sagging?

Upcoming re-election bid not making you feel confident?

Try Launching a War in the Middle-East!

Launching a War in the Middle-East: Because You’re Just Not Enough of a Cunt Already!

careful now you’re starting to sound lik…

careful now you’re starting to sound like an actual Lib Dem

I mean I’m not doing it intentionally but sometimes it’s hard to get round it when every other major party seems to have its head up its arse.


I think it probably goes without saying that I have what we’ll called mixed feelings about Chuka Umunna joining the Liberal Democrats.

What I don’t understand most about it is people mocking it as a careerist self-serving political move to preserve his own interests.

Dude left the Labour Party, despite holding a safe as all hell Labour seat, to join a failed experiment that immediately collapsed and then went from that to joining a party that has taken the vast majority of everyone’s shit for the past 9 fucking years to the point where they’re still almost universally regarded as a political punchline for so many people.

At the next election he has to try and overturn effectively his own 26,285 vote majority or he’s out of a job.

The Liberal Democrat candidate in his seat at the last election got 34,601 less votes than he did.

This was not a smart careerist move for him, because he’s basically (barring some electoral wizardry or miracle) fucked himself right out of Parliament eventually.

I know the Lib Dems are polling well right now and cleaned up well in London in the European Parliamentary elections but come on now.

Unless he thinks he got 38,212 votes based on his singular political brilliance and not as a result of the colour of rosette he happened to be wearing, and if that’s his thinking then my mixed feelings about him joining get decidedly less mixed because if he thinks that he’s obviously a moron.